About Us

Finn-Tack is a global company in rapid growth. We are a Scandinavian, privately owned enterprise that supplies trotting equipment for drivers and their horses at every level. Our products include a variety of technical products for the complete trotting sport. From drivers and trainers to horses and sulkies, we´ve got it covered.

Our products are sold today through numerous different channels.

The work of our fantastic network of Sales Agents means that Finn-Tack is able to provide local and reliable service to retailers; we are proud of the strong relationships we have with large chains and suppliers of trotting equipment.

We make no secret of our intention to become the leading global market supplier of trotting equipment. This is not merely an ambition; our sales figures for the past five years show rapid growth in every area of the company. We are driven by a pride and belief in what we do – providing some of the best quality products for the industry’s most affordable prices.

The company was started and built up by those working directly within it. Our philosophy is that the workers should themselves own and drive the company. Therefore we have been able to offer shares to our employees and we have today over 40 employees that own shares in the company.

In 1982 a dream was born. In the small town of Lahti, Finland, three horseshoe makers shared a common value – a passion for perfection in their work. *Their dream was to share this passion with the whole of Finland. They wished to be known not just in their small town, but also across the whole of their country.

With admirable ambition they formed a company called Finn-Tack, laboring to establish themselves in the industry. Their perseverance lead to the extension of the company, which was soon providing not only horseshoes, but also trotting equipment of the best quality. They gained a strong reputation in the industry and it was not long until they were dominating the European trotting market. Finn-Tack grew and grew, thriving on the success that was a result of superior quality and intelligent pricing.

We don´t claim that it´s all been plain sailing; on the contrary, we´ve had our false starts and stumbles. But with tenacity we have been able to come through these, learning valuable lessons and gaining ‘experience as we grow.

The key to our success is arguably our unbeatable centralized production process. Finn-Tack is one of the only companies in the trotting market that can guarantee control of every phase of production, a factor that sets us apart from our competitors and benefits our customers.

We own our own factories in China and Ukraine, as well as purchase offices around the globe that have qualified personnel that quality check every product line that is produced. They ensure the smallest details of an item are perfect before it hits the production line. This unusual level of involvement ensures that we get exactly what we have designed every time.
Combining wholesaling and retailing together with production, means that since 1982 to the present day, we have been able to produce products of superior quality at intelligent prices.

It is this process that makes us so unique and means that when we say we´ve got value for money, it’s not just talk, but something we can back up and pledge.

Vision: To become the global market leader
The following core values embody the spirit of our Finn-Tack culture at its very finest:
Diversity: We have a high performing, international and diverse workforce from every continent of the world working together to generate innovative, groundbreaking ideas.
Teamwork: We achieve success through a spirit of trust and open, honest, constructive communication.
A Sense of Purpose: We know that we cannot be successful without an unmistakable sense of who we are.
Excellence: We have the passion to set and achieve, (with innovation, courage and humility) ever-higher standards.
Trust: deepened through the quality of our products, our responsiveness, accountability, and predictability in all we say and do.
Innovation: Innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, which results in lower costs of manufacturing and more effective logistics is something we are passionate and focused on achieving.
Customer Service: Our customers are the lifeblood of this company. We show that we appreciate them by anticipating their needs and extending beyond the boundary of ordinary customer service.
Expansion: We learn from others as they learn from us. We learn. We teach. We grow.
Responsibility: We will always contribute responsibly to our communities and to our environment.